Physical Healing Properties of Lepidolite

• Protects from EMFs.
• May help regulate menstrual cycles.

Among the healing properties of lepidolite, it is assumed that it can also make improvements on the physical body. By adding Lepidolite to your life, you can give your immune system plenty of support. Lepidolite, a stone known to reduce stress factors and anxiety, can also be sure that the nervous system is in complete harmony. So you can deal with anything that comes your way. The gentle cheerful stone also reduces the harmful side effects of electromagnetic pollution. Lepidolite is also known to help numb sciatica and neuralgia. It is also said to reduce the problems associated with Alzheimer’s. Finally, for all its amazing properties, Lepidolite helps to balance moods, reduce PMT and cycle the body and mind’s hormones and cope with the changes brought by menopause.

Healing Properties of Lepidolite: Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

• It can stabilize mood.
• Helps you reconstruct behavioral patterns.

As mentioned, Lepidolite is an extremely balancing stone and therefore works wonders with its energy when it comes to completing and balancing emotional healing. Instead of embracing our shadow side, we may try to deal with our emotions blindly without a foundation to keep us strong and stable. Lepidolite recognizes this imbalance and works with us to replace long-term healing and harmonious self-love. It helps us to let go of patterns that no longer serve us, to reorganize and restructure our behavior patterns and thoughts, and to embrace the flow and times of change in the flow rather than opposing it. This is a stone that not only wants to nurture you, but also to teach you how to calm yourself and make choices that come with a heightened sense of awareness and commitment to your own health and happiness.

People and Relationships

If you know someone who is caught in an unhealthy relationship and doesn’t have the courage to break up, Pink Lepidolite can be of great help to them. According to jewelery enthusiasts, its vibration can gently assist these people in overcoming psychological and emotional attachments and enhancing identity and life.
Send this lavender gemstone to someone in your community who you think can gain by interacting with their emotions but is having a hard time getting exposure. Their gentle rhythms can stay in touch with their emotions and embrace them as something normal.

Meditation with Lepidolite

One method of interacting with the lepidolite gemstone symbolism is to include it in your mindfulness meditation, a tremendous measure that receives the natural gift of the stone. Sit peacefully with the crystal and receive the energy flow of the cosmos as you free your head, emotions and soul to free yourself from toxicity and some other unwanted forces.

Lepidolite and Chakras

Lepidolite activates the Third Eye and Heart Chakras. The Third Eye Chakra is linked to reason, insight, focus, and observation, while the Heart Chakra, also known as the Anahata Chakra, is linked to feelings of compassion, empathy, and reconciliation. It is also believed to expand and invigorate the Crown Chakra by removing any obstacles that may hinder your progress on your spiritual path, separating you from the sacred and your deepest knowledge.

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