What is Lepidolite? Lepidolite is praised everywhere for its miraculous mood-stabilizing properties. This crystal is a type of stone with a high content of lithium, which is often used in anti-anxiety treatments.

Lepidolite crystal is soft and brittle and therefore can only be cut and shaped when contained within a larger quartz body. While the crystal itself is not rare, it is quite valuable as it is a crystal that can be turned into jewellery.

If lepidolite interests you, now is the time to learn more about this stunning gem. Let’s take a closer look at what this stone is and what it means.
Lepidolite is a lithium-aluminum potassium mineral belonging to the Mica group. It includes a range of forms ranging from masses and plates to stacked sheets and tabular or prismatic crystals. Lepidolite crystal is loved by people for its deep pink and purple hues. These elegant, gentle colors represent manganese impurities in the chemical structure of the stone.

Lepidolite is abundant throughout the world. The countries primarily responsible for its extraction and export are Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Japan and Russia.
This crystal was originally called Lilalite because of its lavender color. Soft lilac-lavender hues represent the disturbing of your heart, mind or soul.

This crystal was renamed from Lilalite to ‘Lepidolite’. The name is derived from the Greek words ‘lepidos’ meaning scale and ‘litos’ meaning stone. Scales are symbolic of this stone’s ability to restore emotional balance and thereby foster harmony in both your inner and outer worlds.

Spiritual Meaning of Lepidolite! What is Lepidolite?

• Lepidolite is a crystal that helps a woman balance her emotions, dissolve the pain of deeply felt wounds, calm the heart, and reduce stress and depression.
• Lepidolite’s calming vibrations will be your weapon to deal with any storm, hurricane or whirlwind. It will renew your sense of confidence and purpose.
• The soothing vibrations of this lavender crystal will evoke feelings of optimism and balance.
• Female hormones are a whirlwind. It is unpredictable, intense and unstoppable.
• Spiritually, the hurricane symbol represents the “hidden shadow” and is a warning that one must be strong.
• Paradoxically, this forty-mile-wide hole, the “eye of the storm,” is often a space of peace and quiet. The eye of the storm is also known as the heart of the soul and is spiritually linked to evolution and wisdom.
• This beautiful, natural cyclical process provides a powerful emotional clearing for a woman, bringing new peace and tranquility to mind, body and spirit.
• This new high sense of balance can be used to focus on building something new and exciting in your life. When you are in a calm state, he can concentrate on aligning your soul with your body.
• As you begin to embrace change as an opportunity for continuous renewal and growth, you will develop the flexibility you need to deal with any situation in life while enjoying the process.

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